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A typical Radio Release® involves the following services.

1. Interview and Production
To get started, all we need is a draft media release to establish the main points and key messages for your Radio Release.

We then conduct a brief telephone interview with your spokesperson and help them to deliver comments that are ideal for a typical radio news bulletin.

Our experienced producers then edit a selection of broadcast-quality grabs (around 10-15 seconds each) which are emailed to you for approval.

2. Distribution and Access
Once your audio grabs are approved and your press release is finalised, we then prepare and package your Radio Release for distribution.

At the nominated time, newsrooms receive an email alert which includes a brief summary of your Radio Release and a direct link to our exclusive radio-only website.

Importantly, our email alerts and website are localised for each newsroom so your Radio Release is targeted and always stands out from the crowd.

3. Realtime Feedback
As soon as your Radio Release goes live, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive Feedback Report so you can monitor its progress in realtime.

The report lists all newsrooms which have downloaded your grabs to their on-air system, distinct from those which have simply previewed your release.

In addition, the report is updated with a selection of broadcast samples so you can actually listen to your Radio Release being presented on-air.

Additional Services
Radio Release grabs may also be posted on your organisation’s website or made available to other media outlets at no additional cost.

You may also request an audio hyperlink for your conventional press release. This allows all media (not just radio) to access a genuine quote from your spokesperson.

Naturally, Radio Release is flexible depending on your organisation's specific needs and budget. If you wish to discuss a forthcoming announcement, please contact us.

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