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What are audio grabs?
Audio 'grabs' are short extracts of audio taken from an interview; they’re an essential element of most radio news bulletins. Please see our portfolio page for some examples.

Why don't I just send a press release?
You can, however you’ll need to overcome some major obstacles to achieve radio coverage.
  • Have you targeted the right radio newsrooms and contacts?
  • Is your story relevant to each radio newsroom and its target audience?
  • Will radio newsrooms be interested in your press release (over hundreds of others)?
  • Can your entire press release be reduced to a three line radio story, or less?
  • Is the story good enough without audio grabs?
  • If a newsroom wants audio grabs, will they be able to get them?
  • Will your spokesperson be available and ready for interview?
  • Is your spokesperson good talent?
  • Are you prepared for dozens of phone calls at 4am?
  • Will you meet every newsroom deadline?
  • Is your competition or opposition better prepared?
  • Will your story be presented in the best possible light?
A Radio Release® proactively addresses all of these issues and is designed especially for radio newsrooms. Clearly, it puts your announcement well ahead of a standard press release.

Does Radio Release guarantee radio coverage?
As with any media release, radio news coverage cannot be guaranteed. However, by adapting your announcement especially for radio, your broadcast potential is significantly increased.

Rest assured, we’ve achieved coverage for just about every single Radio Release we’ve ever produced and we can always provide a confidential assessment of your broadcast prospects.

Does Radio Release charge a fee to radio stations?
No. Many radio newsrooms rely on a very limited budget so Radio Release helps by providing quick, easy and free access to broadcast-quality audio.

What is the process for creating and sending a Radio Release?
The process for creating a Radio Release is usually straightforward:
     1. Client provides background information, interview is scheduled
     2. Interview is conducted, draft grabs are emailed to client
     3. Client approves grabs and supplies final press release
     4. Release goes live at agreed time
     5. Client receives realtime Feedback Report

How much lead-time is required for a Radio Release?
To avoid disappointment please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the interview and production requirements for your forthcoming announcement.

In urgent cases, it is possible to produce a Radio Release in around one hour however this may depend on other releases and interview bookings.

For best results, initial arrangements should be made at least one week prior to your announcement so production can be finalised well ahead of all newsroom deadlines.

Ultimately, the more time that is given to prepare and produce your Radio Release, the greater your chance of success and achieving maximum coverage.

Do you conduct interviews in person?
We record all of our interviews by telephone; this is common practice for radio newsrooms.

Telephone interviews have a major advantage because the spokesperson can be located anywhere, provided they have access to a telephone (although landline is preferred).

Rest assured, all radio newsrooms are familiar with using telephone audio in their news bulletins.

How long is the interview?
Most interviews take only 5-10 minutes, however we reserve a 30 minute window to allow for minor delays and to maintain a buffer between other interviews.

Your spokesperson can call us at the agreed time or we can phone them on their nominated phone number.

Remember, the purpose of the interview is to obtain news grabs, so the interview and answers need only be short, sharp and focus on the key elements of the announcement.

And, if required, we will gladly repeat any interview questions so that your spokesperson is given every opportunity to deliver their best response.

Should we script answers?
We strongly advise our clients to avoid scripting answers or grabs.

Scripted grabs sound contrived and detract from the raw quality newsrooms prefer; in fact some newsrooms will not consider them for broadcast.

If a spokesperson needs guidance, it is okay to provide a couple of brief points but the answers should always be delivered off-the-cuff, in the spokesperson’s own words.

What radio stations is Radio Release delivered to?
Radio Release maintains a database of more than 500 commercial and community radio stations across metropolitan and regional Australia.

Importantly, Radio Release is sent only to contacts who actually make editorial decisions; there's no wastage or duplication which can add unnecessary costs.

Due to Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) policy, these outlets are excluded from direct email distribution however alternative arrangements can be made on request.

Why is Radio Release different from other media release services?
Radio Release is entirely focused on producing and distributing audio news releases.

While other companies are stretched across a range of media, Radio Release is 100% dedicated to reaching radio newsrooms better than any other agency in Australia.

We have a detailed understanding of each radio newsroom and its respective broadcast stations while other agencies 'scattergun' your release, believing near enough is good enough.

Radio Release also customises and targets your release for each newsroom. This strategy is particularly effective in gaining their attention, instead of the lazy 'one size fits all' approach.

At the end of each campaign, you receive detailed feedback plus broadcast recordings at no additional cost - other agencies may leave performance measurement entirely to you.

Above all else, Radio Release is accountable. We don’t employ a ‘send and forget’ mentality. We’re actively involved in every project, from production to the final broadcast, and beyond.

How do I measure the success of our Radio Release?
Each time you send a Radio Release, you’ll receive a detailed Feedback Report outlining which newsrooms have downloaded your grabs and their respective broadcast stations.

The report provides a very good indication of which radio stations have actually broadcast your grabs, distinct from those which have simply previewed your release.

We also provide a limited selection of broadcast samples (where available) so you can listen to the item being presented on-air.

Some of our clients also engage the services of a media monitoring company to help detect coverage for their Radio Release and broader media campaign.

Although it must be stressed, even the largest monitoring companies do not monitor every single radio station at all times, so many instances of coverage may not be detected.

Does Radio Release produce or distribute advertisements?
No. Radio Release is designed only for the production and distribution of news content.

Whether an item is considered ‘newsworthy’ can be subjective however Radio Release reserves the right to reject material which is clearly advertorial.

Does Radio Release produce Community Service Announcements?
Radio Release does not produce Community Service Announcements (CSAs) in the traditional thirty-second format.

Nevertheless, Radio Release can provide an effective way to achieve similar outcomes to a CSA campaign, without the typical production costs.

Any other questions?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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